BC - graphic designer

”Thank you for all your help and support through the years. You made such a tremendous difference and once again it really was a profoundly 'enlightening' process for me. I can't tell you how much I have learnt from our sessions.”

BG - retired charity administrator

”Sue is a highly trained and skilled counsellor. She has a great understanding and empathy for individuals, whose deeper selves need support and nurturing in an atmosphere of calmness and reflection, to counteract the pressures and short-sightedness of so much that is represented by progress.”

DrH - GP

”The path you have helped me along unfolds and the gift you have given me - healing of old wounds - will accompany me.”

KR - vicar

”You hold a very safe, nurturing space in both one-to-one and group sessions. I always leave feeling both lighter and more enlightened! I am luck enough to have been a member of your very special 'Heart Connection' group for some 7 years now and you have safely held and supported me through some very turbulent times. Heartfelt thanks.”

MM - retired GP

”I arrived a troubled man .... I now leave with an inner sense of depth and profundity gained, feeling fresh of heart.”

MsR - management consultant

”I would highly Sue's unique blend of counselling and holistic healing to anyone who is looking for a treatment that supports the whole person. I came to Sue recovering from the trauma of cancer. The sessions took me on a journey which healed me emotionally and developed me personally.”

PR - surveyor

”I have had the good fortune of working with Sue in a number of groups for 11 years. What a life enhancing and enriching experience. Meeting the same people in a closed group is a wonderful environment in which to explore and experience a journey which Sue seems to have an intuitive ability to facilitate and lead.”

VS - administrator

”Thanks for following your heart with your work and being there to catch me.”