I have 40 years of therapeutic experience, having qualified as a medical doctor in 1984 and subsequently trained as a GP and a psychiatrist. Since 1997 I changed from working as a doctor and am now a counsellor and therapist, running my own practice in Woodchester, near Stroud in Gloucestershire.
As a child I had always wanted to help people to heal. By becoming a doctor, this was the beginning of that path. I loved the immense depth of contact with people whom I met through working in hospitals and general practice.
However, I kept feeling something was missing in my life and so I started my search in 1986. I was looking for something deeper within myself, to connect to a spiritual path. Initially I explored different methods of meditation, including mindfulness. And then I studied with Bob Moore, an internationally renowned healer, working with self-development, healing, energy exercises and meditation. The wisdom and profundity of this work fed my soul.
In 1997 I decided to leave the NHS to set up my own practice and help people understand themselves in a deeper way. I continued my own personal development through my practices and received inspiration from the teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chödrön, to name but a few.
Latterly, I have extensively explored the effects of chronic illness on our health as we age. Through the understanding of my own journey with IBS, osteoporosis and being an APOE4 carrier (the gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease) I have been able to help others and seen positive results from the combination of the psychotherapeutic process and life style adjustments: instituting a healthy mainly plant-based diet, regular daily exercise (particularly using weights), deep sleep, relaxation and meditation. I am passionate about eating and growing organic fruit and vegetables, and caring for the planet.

"The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back" Ram Dass