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Participating in a group is an excellent way to promote well-being and change.  It allows us to benefit in a relaxed way from witnessing ourselves and others as our process unfolds.

Being in a group often is a spring board for improving self-esteem and practicing new skills.  The support of the group can be an invaluable aid when we wish to make inner or outer changes or new beginnings.

Sue has run a variety of groups for 15 years, which vary in format to suit different needs.  A new group is formed when a sufficient number of people wish to take part.  Previous groups have included: relaxation, meditation, self-development, finding peace from anxiety and depression.

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If you would like to join a future group please register your interest by emailing or phoning and you will be kept informed once a suitable group becomes available. 

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“You hold a very safe, nurturing space in both your one-to-one and group sessions.  I always leave feeling both lighter and more enlightened!  I am lucky enough to have been a member of your very special ‘Heart Connection‘ group for some 7 years now and you have safely held and supported me through some very turbulent times. My heartfelt thanks.”.......................................................KR (therapist)

“I would highly recommend Sue Edgley’s unique blend of counselling and holistic healing to anyone who is looking for a treatment that supports the whole person.  I came to Sue recovering from the trauma of cancer.  The sessions took me on a journey which healed me emotionally and developed me personally.”                             Ms R (management consultant)


“I have had the good fortune of working with Sue in a number of groups for 11 years.  What a life enhancing and enriching experience.  Meeting the same people in a closed group is a wonderful environment in which to explore and experience a journey which Sue seems to have an intuitive ability to facilitate and lead.”                        PR (surveyor)

Testimonials from Past Group Participants